Reading is my Talent


Ever since I was young, I’ve been looking for my talent so I can develop it. I grew up surrounded by talented people, and I tried to imitate them. I asked them to teach me, for example, how to draw and paint, and I was a fast learner, but I eventually gave up because I couldn’t see myself in any of the things that they taught me, because they were their talents and not mine, which made upset because this meant that I was talentless and I might stay like this forever, and that thought deeply terrified me.

I love reading, but I never saw reading more than a hobby, a regular, ordinary hobby that people convinced me that it’s for the boring people who have nothing better to do. And even though I read a lot and I enjoyed it, yet my brain treated it like it is not a special thing because I convinced myself that reading is not special. After all, it’s just a hobby, right?

Now, let me tell you why do I think that reading is my talent and how did I come to this conclusion!

A few weeks ago, I had an interview regarding my “bookstagram” account, “amna.breathes.books”, and this guy who worked with the filming crew asked me, “what do you exactly do?” I simply said, “I read books and review them on Instagram.” I said it in a tone that made the guy sense that I didn’t see anything special about that. So he told me, “You know, to be able to read is a talent. You should be proud of it because Allah blessed you with such an intellectual talent.” then he added, “Yes, anyone can read, but not anyone can actually make the time to read, and absorb the content of the book and then form an opinion to share. This is your talent, and without you knowing, you’ve been developing it all this time. So be proud.”

This entire conversation lasted only 10 minutes, but the impact it made on me will last forever, because now I realized that I have a talent like everyone else. I am a reader and this is my talent. So, treat everything you do and enjoy as a talent.



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