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Monthly Read-A-Thone

Reading has not been going well for me so far in the year and I just need to step up my reading game a lot. But, every time I start reading a book, I would get interrupted and I would be too busy or too tired to read and I end up not reading as much as I want. Therefore, I decided to start Monthly Read-A-Thones where I can create my own personal challenges based on the books I own and read them because I love Read-A-Thones a lot. I love the challenges and everything about them. So, if you want to participate, you are welcome to do so…

The challenge start from today (Friday) July 15th till Saturday July 23rd (Exciting!)

Here are the 7 challenges:

Challenge #1: Choose a book with flowers on the cover.

For this one I chose to read The Ladies of Grace Adieu by Susanna Clarke. I bought this book on my birthday last year and it is about time to read it.


Challenge #2: Finish a book you’ve been reading forever.

For this challenge I decided to read Sofia Khan is Not Obliged by Ayisha Malik because I’ve been reading this book for the past month now and because of not having a lot of time, I wasn’t able to finish it. I am loving it though. So, I am looking forward to finish it this week.


Challenge #3: Read a book that start with the letter “K”.

I decided to read King Lear by William Shakespeare because I don’t know much about his plays and this book is a start.


Challenge #4: Read a book with the color black on the cover.

For this one I chose On Writing by Stephen King, and I am super excited to read it.


Challenge #5: Read a book that is a 100 pages.

For this one, I chose The Rivered Earth by Vikram Seth.


Challenge #6: Read a non-fiction book.

For this one, I chose I feel bad about my neck by Nora Ephron. A non-fiction humor book.



And let the challenge begin….




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