Being an adult is exhausting!



Hello everyone! I am back! Hopefully…


So, for the past few months I’ve been MIA and that’s because a lot of things in my life changed and it took me a while to adapt to all the changes in my new life.

First, I graduated from university and before graduating, I had my life sort of planned out because in my brain, I always thought that I would stay at home at least a year before I find a job because from what my friends told me, finding a job nowadays is almost like a miracle. However, surprisingly I found a job 12 days after graduating, which is amazing, I am not complaining about that but it did change my life, my plans and my routine drastically and I had to adapt quickly to my new life and so, I started to write  less, until I stopped for a few months, which sucked! But, what matters is that I am back.

Second, as I said I got a job! Which means I am an adult now, with adult responsibilities, which is tiring and I needed time to get used to my new life. I work in media which is even more exhausting because my working hours and days keep changing constantly and I feel like I am working 24/7, which is exhausting. But as I was told, media never sleep and so I have to keep up as much as I can with everything that’s going on.

As for reading, I read a good amount of books so far in the year, however, my reading speed decreased because I am tired most of the time, and by the time I am home and relaxed, I am too tired to open my eyes to read and comprehend the words in front of me. Therefore, I only get to read in the morning because I got to work at 10 and so I have time to read in the morning.

Surprisingly, I received emails from a lot of you asking where have I been, so to those, thank you for asking! And I am coming back with more reviews and creative writings because my life is too hectic at the moment and this blog kept sane during my last year of university, and so hopefully it will keep me sane during my new life.


So I am going to leave you with this for now, and I will be coming back very soon with a book review or an article. Maybe… We will see how it goes.




2 thoughts on “Being an adult is exhausting!

  1. Hey, you’re not alone in this! I’ve experienced the same things like MIA for a month or so, then less time for reading. The thing is that I’m still studying and be “adulting” in a few months 🙂 but good thing you’re writing again! Happy blogging xx

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