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Book Review: Interworld


Synopsis (Goodreads):

InterWorld tells the story of Joey Harker, a very average kid who discovers that his world is only one of a trillion alternate earths. Some of these earths are ruled by magic. Some are ruled by science. All are at war.

Joey teams up with alternate versions of himself from an array of these worlds. Together, the army of Joeys must battle evil magicians Lord Dogknife and Lady Indigo to keep the balance of power between all the earths stable.


Seeing Neil Gaiman’s name on the book was enough reason for me to read this book as I am a huge fan of Neil Gaiman and so I did read it.

The book started really awkwardly but in a good way, I was interested and intrigued to know what will happen next as I found that the writing very catchy and the plot was exciting. However, things start to slightly change and my excitement level decreased and they kept zigzagging through out the book as some parts were excited and kept me on my toes and some were utterly boring.

I like the idea of alternate universes that are created each time an important decision must be made, which results in creating a separate universe for the possible outcome of each alternative universe offered by that decision, as well as the fantastic creatures inhabiting these different versions of earth. In particular, I found the idea of the Hex empire, a world ruled by magic and sorcerers,  at battle with the Binary empire, a world ruled by science and reason, for possession of these multiple earths to be an intriguing premise for such a book, but I didn’t like the way it was executed in.

What I found myself struggling with the most is the writing style. I didn’t feel like I was reading a Neil Gaiman book and I know that the books is co-written with my Micheal Reaves and so the book will not be entirely written in Neil Gaiman’s style and voice. However, I couldn’t even sense that I was reading any Neil Gaiman and that probably that the other author’s style overpowered, but I am not sure of that as well because I didn’t read anything by Micheal Reaves.

Now, let’s talk about our main character, Joey. In the beginning of the book, Joey didn’t strike me as a fascinating character, on the contrary, he was dull and boring and slightly frustrating. He gets easily lost, that he was lost in his own house, there was nothing special about him that you wonder how the hell is he the hero of the book because he doesn’t have the qualities or the personality to be a hero. However, one day  things change and he find himself in another universe and caught up in the middle of a war between the different factions in the multiverse.

The world building in this book was very good and those who really love world building will be pleased, but I didn’t like the characters’ building as there wasn’t much of it, dealing so many versions of the same characters made it really challenging.

Overall, this book is a quick, amusing read, but I found it leans toward children\middle grade more than young adult.

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Rating: 3\5 stars


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