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Book Review: بيكاسو وستاربكس |Picasso and Starbucks


Synopsis (Goodreads):

في بعض المجتمعات العربية، يَندُر أن تجد من يقول لك «أنت ناجح»، ولكن من السهل أن تجد من يقول «أنت مخطئ»، وهذا أحد أسباب التراجع العربي. ولذلك لا يشعر غالبية المبدعين في تلك المجتمعات بالأمان المعرفي، ويسعون إلى استرضاء طائفة فكرية معيّنة، حتى يجــدوا لديها تشجيعاً أياً كانت صيغته. فيتحــول المبدعون في هذه الحال إلى نسخ مكررة، تُردد نفس الشعارات، وتستشهد بنفس المقولات التي يتداولها مَن حولهم. لا أؤمن بالأمثال كثيراً، وقلّما أستخدمها في حياتي، فالأمثال تجارب إنسانية لبشر مروا قبلنا، قد يخطئون وقد يصيبون، وكلامهم ليس من التنزيل حتى يُنزَّه عن الخطأ.

في هذا الكتاب قد لا تجد من يقول لك ” أنت ناجح ” ولكنك بالتأكيد لن تجد من يقول لك ” أنت مخطئ”.


If you live in UAE, then you will know that this book is one of the hyped books in the country, and couple of years ago, it was really hyped but at the time, I wasn’t reading any Arabic books, but by the end of this year, I found interest in Arabic books and so I decided to read some of the hyped books but at the same time, I am being really critical and picky on what I read, because there are some bad Arabic books out there, anyway, I was recommended to read this book and so I did.

Let me start by stating it’s not one of those bad books and I can see why people are going crazy over it, but I honestly didn’t like it.

This book consists of Yaser Hareb articles and short stories and in my opinion, I found the articles really flat and had no depth in them. The topic were repetitive and kept going in circles, so the same point would be repeated over and over again, which really bore me. I was expecting more.

The language of the book was really good but I didn’t like the tone and the style of the book. I found it really monotonic and flat. It going at the same pace in the entire book and I found myself so utterly bored with the writing style.

I didn’t like that most of the short stories starts with: my friend told me… I was setting with a friend… I was in a cafe with a friend and I saw… I asked my friend… This made the book so repetitive in a very annoying way.

I found thing that I sensed is that book sounded a little bit pretentious and judgy. In some parts, I felt that the author was trying a little bit too much to communicate his point. I didn’t agree with everything he said, which is okay because I didn’t read this book expecting that it would be a life changing book, but I didn’t like the way he presented some the points, it made feel like, it’s either this way or no way.

For some reason, I felt that the book is written to the younger audience although I am sure that the book is for everyone, but the writing style was way to simple to me, that I didn’t feel challenged or amazed while reading this book.

As I said, it’s not one of those crappy books, but with this book, it either hit or miss. I don’t regret reading it because now I finally have an opinion and I can state why I didn’t like this book.

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Rating: 1.5\stars


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