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Why I read: few reasons among many!


The first time I finished reading a book, I felt as if I accomplished something extraordinary and ever since that moment, reading became my way of identifying myself. I am what I read.

As a person, I have a lot of interests, but I decided to write about one of them and so I chose to write about books and literature because through them, I can tell you a little bit about who I am and because of them, I became the person I am now.

Why do I read? It is a very simple question, but it is very hard to answer. If you ask 10 different people this question, you will probably end up with 10 different answers. So, I am going to give you my answer.

The first reason is to escape. Life is too hectic and crazy, and living in our time, we barely have a moment of peace and serenity. Therefore, I go to books. It is only when I read, I feel that the world had stopped for a minute, and I find myself completely engrossed in what I am reading. When I read, I stop thinking about my problems and focus on the problems of the characters I am reading; I get mad, happy, anxious and scared for them and it is nice, it is refreshing to just escape from my problems.

Although I read to escape,  it is not the only reason why I read. I read because I am hungry for knowledge. I want to learn and through reading I teach myself. I read about history and I enjoy analyzing and comparing between our past and present, and I find it quite funny and ironic that the mistakes of the past is being repeated nowadays. When I read Animal Farm by George Orwell, I realized how much that book applies to the current situation of the world. But, only a person who reads will be able to make those kind of comparison.

Reading is a personal activity; it is almost spiritual. I enjoy the act of reading as much as writing. When I read, I search for myself inside these characters, and when I write, I find myself at last. These two interests define me the most for I grew up surrounded by books. My father is an avid reader and I did not understand the significance of those books when I was a child. However, now I started building my own small library.

When I read I connect with the world. I love sharing my thoughts on the books that I read and therefore, I created my own blog ( This blog is a small window to my soul and through it I communicate with the other bibliophiles out there. I see how much reading influenced my life and I want to influence the lives of the others through books the way books did to me.

In every book I read, I leave a piece of me behind but I gain a new piece as well. With every book I read, I slowly change and that change interests me; I am growing and I witnessing this growth. I am an introvert but through books I communicate and become somehow an extrovert. I am that person who sits alone in a gathering, but once you approach her and mention a book, her whole face will light up.

I believe in the power of literature and writing. Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power. Reading and writing make me think, and as the philosopher Rene Descartes once said, “I think therefore I am.”


4 thoughts on “Why I read: few reasons among many!

  1. Wonderfully written, and I completely agree that reading and writing are powerful. There’s the escape you talked about, learning of other places and other people, and there’s learning of what struggles others go through. A story works so well when you care about what happens to the characters, and they seem real to you. It’s great to read about another person’s love of reading 🙂

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  2. Hi, it’s nice to meet a fellow bibliophile. I wrote a similar post on my blog recently. It’s funny how solitary reading can be, but just by starting a blog it can become a social action. I agree that most of the worlds knowledge can be accessed through books, and particularly reading. I suppose that’s why illiteracy is such a big deal. Animal Farm is one of my favourite books too, though I like 1984 a little better, Orwell was an amazing writer. I’m an introvert too, and know all too well the difficulty of social situations, I guess that’s why I read so much too. Your post is a great insight into your passion for reading and writing.

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