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Top 5 Wednesday: Tropes I Hate

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This is the first time I do a Top 5 Wednesday post ever and I am excited and there will be more coming in the future for sure because it’s fun.

This Wednesday’s Top 5 is about the book tropes that I hate the most and I have few in mind that I really hate and I want to share them with you. So, here we go:

Disclaimer: I am not trying to offend anyone in this post if one of these tropes is one of your favorites. This is just what my opinion.

#1: Unrealistically strong female characters. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do love a strong female character but as long as she is realistic. In some books nowadays, they make the female protagonists so unbelievably strong in a very annoying way and it’s not realistic at all and that why I don’t like reading from a female POV a lot because sometimes they over do them, like Triss in Divergent.

#2: Vampire Romance 

After twilight came the phase were everyone wanted to write a romantic vampire book and it was annoying. Historically, vamps are blood sucking monsters, so why the hell are you romanticize them! I don’t get it! Plus, it’s very cheesy. I don’t read vampire books and I swear I know how it will always go between mortal\vampire love. Ugh!

#3: The bad boy who is actually good 

I am tired of this bad boy image in contemporary. It’s getting to cliched and cheesy and it can be really critical because if it was done right, then it would turn out really good and if it’s not, then it will be just annoying and superficial.

#4: Love Triangles

I know that this has been on a lot of people’s list of tropes they hate because love triangles are just unnecessary, like in the selection. The love triangle in that book was one of the worst I read, so annoying and the book could’ve worked without it. Sometimes I feel that the contemporary authors’ think it’s a must to put a love triangle in the story to make the book more interesting.

#5: Corrupt Government in Dystopia Books 

I understand that this genre is all about depressed and oppressed societies and so on, but in every dystopian book they include the corrupt government, which can be a huge factor but can’t they get more creative because I swear once you read few dystopian books, it’s like you read them all. So predictable and boring.

These are the top 5 tropes I hate the most and it annoys me when I read them especially if they weren’t done right. 

If you have any book tropes you hate, then share them in the comments. 


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