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Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-buy Authors


This is my first time doing a top ten Tuesday post and I am super excited. I’ve noticed this meme going around for quite a while now, and since I finally have a book blog, why not do it?

This Tuesday’s theme is the top ten auto buy-authors, which means the authors that you will automatically buy their books no matter what the genre it is. So, here are my top 10 authors:

P.S. this list is not organized in any kind of order except for the first two XD.

#1: Neil Gaiman

1221698 (1)

I started reading Neil Gaiman’s books last year and ever since I became a huge fan of his books and so I started collecting them slowly and hopefully one day, I will own all of his books. No matter what this author writes, I will be the first in line to buy his books.

#2: Rick Riordan


This is one of my new favorite authors. I started reading his books this year and I got hooked on his writing style, his stories and his characters. I am on a mission to collect all of his books and I am getting closer. I only have the Kane Chronicles left to buy.

#3: John green


I started reading John Green’s book around 3 years ago and even though I face some problems with his stories sometimes, but I always end up enjoying them. I own all of his book and I will always buy more John Green because I am fan of his books.

#4: Rainbow Rowell


This is another author that I started reading last year. I read Eleanor and Park first and I fell in love with her and since that day, I bought and read all of her books and I am looking forward to read more of her books in the future.

#5: J.K Rowling


Even though I didn’t grow up with the Harry Potter books as I am reading them at the moment for the first time ever, but,I was always a fan of J.K Rowling. I bought the Harry Potter series last year and also bought her new books that I have yet to read, and it will happen sometime in the future. But, I will always buy this author’s books.

#6: Patrick Ness


I read A Monster Calls and I fell in love with this author and I felt that I have to buy each of his books and that what I did. I still have to read the last two book of the Chaos Walking trilogy, but I am planning to do that soon. I just love this author and I will buy more of his books.

#7: Colleen Hoover


I never knew about this author until I heard about her in the Booktube community last year and I decided to try some of her books and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

#8: Mitch Albom 

Transfer15837 0060
Transfer15837 0060

I read one of his books around three years ago and until now I can’t stop thinking about that book (The Five People You Meet in Heaven) and not that book only, all of his books carry deep meanings within them. It’s been a while since he released a new book, but once he do that, I will be the first in the line to buy it.

#9: Stephanie Perkins 


I read Anna and the French Kiss last year, and even though it wasn’t a mind blowing book, I still enjoyed it and had fun while reading it and so, I am going to buy any new book that Stephanie Perkins writes because they are fun and they have amusing characters.

#10: Ransom Riggs


I just read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children a month ago or so and I was so impressed and amazed by the book. I totally fell in love with everything in that book and I can see myself buying any book Ransom Riggs publish in the future.


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