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BookTubeAThon 2015: Day 1 Updates + Book Review: A Living Nightmare

Hello Everyone,

This is BookTubeAThon 2015 update for day one. This post was supposed to be up on the blog last night, but I was too tired after a long day of reading that once I rested my head on the pillow, I fell in a deep sleep.

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Day one was success for me because I managed to finish one of the challenges, which is to read the last book I’ve acquired and for that challenge, I read Cirque Du Freak book one by Darren Shan and I finished it. Also, I read 160 pages from The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan, which I highly enjoyed.  With that I read a total of 343 pages. What an accomplishment!

Now since I read Cirque Du Freak and finished, why not write a review about it, so here it is.



Darren Shan and his best friend, Steve, get tickets to the Cirque Du Freak, a wonderfully gothic freak show featuring weird, frightening half human/half animals who interact terrifyingly with the audience. In the midst of the excitement, true terror raises its head when Steve recognizes that one of the performers– Mr. Crepsley– is a vampire!
Steve remains after the show finishes to confront the vampire– but his motives are surprising! In the shadows of a crumbling theater, a horrified Darren eavesdrops on his friend and the vampire, and is witness to a monstrous, disturbing plea. As if by destiny, Darren is pulled to Mr. Crepsley and what follows is his fortifying descent into the dark and bloody world of vampires.
This is Darren’s story.


I got into this book without knowing anything about it. The synopsis on the back was all I read, so I read this book blindly without the effect of anyone’s opinion, which was better.

When I started reading it, it was kind of slow. Not much happened in the beginning, but once they found that flyer about the Cirque Du Freak, which is basically a freak show, things started to change, but still the changes were subtle. However, after the freak show, things started to move faster and a lot happened between the two main characters, Darren and Steve, and their relationship shifted completely.

Honestly, I didn’t like any of the two characters. I found Darren insecure, naive and too dramatic. As for Steve, they said at the beginning of the book that he used to be a bully but he changed, but in my opinion, he was still a bully, but their perspective changed because they became friends with the bully.  But, with all that, Darren and Steve were best friends.

When they went to the freak show, they met a vampire there and Steve recognized him because of his obsession with vampires and he wanted to be one so he asked the vampire to turn him into one,  but the vampire refused that because Steve was evil in his opinion and I totally agree with him.

One of the things I loved is the fact that the author used his name for the main character, which is Darren Shan. It made the book more interesting. I enjoyed the gory parts in the freak show, they were so much fun to read. My favorite part of the show was when the wolverine attacked and the two hooded people came and fixed the woman’s hand. That was so cool.

Anyway, from that moment until the end of the book, a lot of things happened that I won’t mention because I don’t want to spoil anything. But, let’s just say that I never thought that the book would take a “vampiry” turn, but as I said, I didn’t know anything about it before I read it because everyone seem to know that it’s a vampire series.

This book is the first book in a series of 13 books (I think) and I found the first one quite enjoyable and fun to read. So, will I continue with the series? I think yeah, but I am not in any kind of rush to do so at the moment and I will take my time with it.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.


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