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The Reading Corner: A Change of Heart

Recently I noticed that my taste in books was changing, I found myself wanting to read books I never thought in my life of reading, and for some of them, I just decided I didn’t want to read because I know that I won’t love these books even though I didn’t give them a chance! But, for a reason I don’t know, I felt the urge to read these books. Some of these books are Percy Jackson Series.

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For a reason I don’t know, I hated this series even though everyone is raving about Percy Jackson, I just didn’t buy it. I couldn’t believe that it’s actually that good. However, this month I decided to pick up the book, and I fell in love with it from the first chapter. I find it hard to connect with younger characters, but I didn’t face this problem with Percy Jackson. I didn’t finish the first book yet, but I will finish it this month and I know for sure that I will love it.

I don’t know what is happening to me, but I think I am going through a phase of growth. Yes, some of these books are middle grade books and I am way pass that phase in my life, but we all need to entertain that little child that lives in us. We can’t bore him or her with heavy and serious books all the time. They need their dose of entertainment to stay happy and energetic, and if they are happy, we are happy.


Give the books you always thought of never reading a chance and happy reading.


2 thoughts on “The Reading Corner: A Change of Heart

  1. The whole fact of having fun reading/doing something you never thought you would enjoy is actually FUN. Besides, there is a lot i did not read in a particular phase in my life when these books were dedticated to, and i would not just let myself miss all the fun!

    Thank you amna, another fun post as always. Percey jackson is one of the things i don’t think i would enjoy, and that’s WHY i shall give it a shot 👌


    1. I really hope you enjoy reading Percy Jackson if you did pick it up because it’s really good, action packed and fast paced. I am glad that you enjoy my posts :D.


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