The Reading Corner

The Reading Corner: Reading slumps and how to get over them

Recently I was kind of in a reading slump and I couldn’t finish or read a lot. But, thank god that I am slowly getting over it and so I decided to share my tips on how I got rid of my reading slump, and I will share with you 10 tips because as an avid reader, reading slumps are the worst! So, without further ado, let’s get into the tips:

bored reading

1- Don’t force yourself on the book.  Just take a break from reading and do something else.

2- Listen to an audio book because they are doing the reading for you and you only have to listen. But, find a good audio book with a good narrator voice that help you engage in the book and not feel bored.

3- Take the book with you everywhere even if you are not planning to read it, you just need to feel it presence.

4- Re-read one of your favorite books and believe me it does work.

5- Watch a TV show or a movie and take your mind off reading.

6- Avoid reading big books because they are time consuming and complex.

7- Read small books that ranges between 150-300 pages.

8- Watch book reviews and book hauls because they will motivate you to read.

9- Go to a bookstore and surround yourself with books. Don’t buy anything, just feel the presence of the books XD.

10- Find a reading buddy and read and discuss the book together because sometimes having someone read the book with you, motivate you to read.

These are some of my reading tips that help whenever I am in a reading slump. I hope these tips help you too.

Happy Reading.

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