The Reading Corner

Book Haul #1

There is nothing better than buying books, it is like a therapy session whenever when I go to a bookstore or open an online book store and browse the books. it’s the best feeling ever. In the month of April, I decided to limit my book buying because my tbr list is getting larger and larger, but I couldn’t resist not buying.

You would notice that most of the books I  bought are by Stephen King, which is something I never expected because horror or thriller is not a genre I usually read from. But, Stephen King’s talks changed my mind.

So, Let’s get into the books:



So, in the month of April I bought 5 books:

Salem’s Lot by Stephen King (Currently Reading).

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King (Read).

The Fifth Elephant by Terry Pratchett (My first Terry Pratchett book and I am so excited to read it).

The Green Mile by Stephan King.

Under The Dome by Stephen King.

I am super excited about these books and hopefully I will get to them soon.




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