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Book Review: Cinder


Author: Marissa Meyer

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, and Science Fiction.

Summary: Cinder is a fairy-tale retelling of Cinderella, and it is set in New Beijing after World War 4. Cinder is not just like any ordinary girl, she is human with Cyborg parts in her body because of a certain incident that she faced when she was young. Cinder is known to be the best mechanic in the city and she owns a booth there. One of the days she was in the booth with her stepsister Peony working, prince Kai, the heir to thrown of New Beijing, brought his royal android to be fixed and that where he met Cinder for the first time.

Shortly after the prince left, a case of plague was discovered in one of the shops and so they had to evacuate the market immediately in order for no one to catch the disease, especially when there is no cure yet. After they got back home, Peony started to show the symptoms of the plague and Cinder didn’t. So, her stepmother forced her to volunteer for a medical experiment in order to find a cure since she didn’t get affected with the disease, and through the experiment, a lot of Cinder’s history was revealed.

On top of all the problems that the country is facing, creatures known by Lunar who reside in the moon and with their Queen Levana are trying to take over the earth.


Cinder is a really great and fun book to read but the first 50 pages are kind of slow and that’s because it’s the first book in the series and so it needs to focus on the world building. But, once you get pass these 50 pages, things start to move faster but not in a very fast way that confuse the reader. As for the world building, it was good to an excitant but it needed more because this is a fictional world and in order for the reader to imagine it and be able to see it, precise descriptions of the places should be provided. Overall it was good, but it needed more detailed descriptions for some places.

Now moving to the character, I will only provide a review of the two main characters to give you an overview.

I loved the main protagonist so much. She is brave, independent, funny, strong and very smart. But what I like the most about her is that even if the exterior seem strong, she still have some insecurities regard the way she looks because as I mentioned before Cinder have mechanic body parts. However, her insecurities make the character more believable and relatable.

Prince Kai was a sweet, nice and a humble character, and it was fun to read his parts. It is hard to hate prince Kai even though he don’t know how to act in some situations regard his country, and he depends a lot on his royal advisor to tell him what to do, so that was a little annoying about him but other than that, he is a good character.

Overall, the book was fantastic, easy to read, and very creative. We read a lot of Cinderella stories and saw and read many adaptations of them. But, the idea of Cinderella as a human with mechanic parts is new, and it was well done. The main elements of Cinderella’s story were there in the book, like the stepmother and the stepsisters, the prince, the ball. But, while reading the book you still get to feel like you are reading another story.

Audience: I believe that you can find a little of every genre you love in this book but I would recommend it mostly for those who love reading science fiction, fairy-tales retellings and dystopia.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


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