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Book Review: The Selection series (Book 1-3) + the novella

Instead of the review I was planning to write today, I decided that I would review the selection series so far because the forth book is going to be released next month (yaaay!) so, I made the choice of reviewing three books and the novella in one post because I don’t I think there is a lot to say for each book. So, let’s start with the review.

The plot: 

The story of the selection follows a girl called America who lives in this world where people are divided into castes, and she is a five, so, her profession should be related to art and music, and she can’t do something other than that. America has a boyfriend that she didn’t tell anyone about because she is a five and he is a six, and the people who belong to this cast are servants, therefore she can’t be with him.

One day, America received a letter from the king about the selection, and she was under a lot of pressure from her mother and sister to apply, and when  Aspen knew, he decides to break up with her because he is lower than her in castes, and he can’t give her the good life she deserves, and told her take the opportunity of the selection.

Under the pressure America decides to finally do it, but she didn’t think that she would be accepted at all, and the surprise was that she got accepted, and now she will have to compete with the other 34 girls over the prince and the crown.


The Selection (Book One):


The selection was the first book I read in the 2014, and it was a good start. I knew about this series from a friend and I am sort of thankful for that.

The first book was great, and fun to read. it was fast, and easy, the story flow was really good, and everything was happening in a fast pace, which was perfect for the book because at these kind of books, stalling doesn’t serve the book very well, and makes it really boring . So, I loved that Kiera Cass wrote it in a fast pace

I loved America in this book, I thought that she is strong and down to earth. she was different from the other characters in the book. There is something about her that really hooks you as a reader and makes you want to continue reading and see what is this interesting character is up to.

Prince Maxon was the perfect prince charming. He is sweet, handsome, nice, and funny that’s all I can say about him. I didn’t feel that there is something new in this character. It’s not interesting to read about. He is just like any charming boy in disney movies (at least those fought dragons, and went through hardships), he gets to date pretty girls and choose one to marry.

The rebels weren’t a big part of the story, there existence was in the right place in the book, they made stuff happens in the book, to lead it toward the ending.

Overall, this book feels like you are reading the book version of the bachelor, which is entertaining in a guilty pleasure way.

(4 out 5)

The Elite (Book Two):


This book is the start of America’s downfall. America was so annoying in this book. I never hated a character as fast as I hated her. Her character developed to the worst, there wasn’t anything new except that Aspen is a guard in the palace and now her feelings toward him are back, so she is going back and forth between Maxon and Aspen, which is annoying and I hated her for that. It was painful to read her parts, but i decided to continue anyway.

Then these rebels attacks increase and 3/4 of the book was talking about rebels, which really didn’t help in anything. I felt that this book was filler book and Kiera Cass didn’t really have a plot for this book except that she wanted to get rid of more girls, so she used the rebels in the book to do so, which was kind of boring and not a really good reason to eliminate some of the girls.

This book was bad, and painful to read (2 out 5 stars)

The One (Book Three):


Book three is supposed to be the end of this trilogy, but it is not. This book was better than the elite. However, I felt that the plot moved too fast, and the characters lacked emotions. For example, when someone who they loved dies, the character does not grief, they just move on without any clarifications that they actually are heart broken, which doesn’t make much sense.

The ending was so expected, we all knew that whatever will happen, Maxon and America will end up together, just like fairytales, which is nice and expected because this is what the fans want. I like that she wrote a happy ending, which I am not really fan of, but for this book, it needed that kind of expected endings.

(3.5 out of 5)

The selection stories (Novella):


This novella consisted of two short stories, the guard and the prince. These two novels were suppose to give us an insight of Aspen’s life as a guard, and Maxon’s life before the selection.

The guard was so boring!, it didn’t add anything to the story or to Aspen’s Character, and it wasn’t necessary at all. All I got that Aspen as guard ran a lot, that’s it.

The prince didn’t give a new insight of Maxon’s life before the selection or anything new that we needed to know about the character. it had a lot of repetitive parts from main books (The selection and the elite).

So, this novella wasn’t necessary at all (2 out 5).

One thing I liked about the books is the covers. I love the theme of dresses, and the font is beautiful. So, will i break up with this series? I think not, I want to know what will happen in the coming books and I don’t know why! Also, this series is like a guilty pleasures. It’s not the best series you can fid, but it’s entertaining in a way.


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