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Book Review: Divergent


Divergent is one of the books that I read at the very begging of 2014, and I remember that I was so excited about it that I bought the whole box set without thinking that I might actually not like it! But, I am glad that I’ve bought the whole box set because I wasn’t disappointed with the first book.


The book is about this society that is divided into factions, five to be exacts and they are Dauntless, Erudite, Amity, Abnegation and Candor, and people are born in theses factions. However, when the teenagers turns 16 they get to choose which faction they want, and they have two options, they can stay in the same faction or they can change the faction. Changing meant to cut the relationships with the old faction.

The story follow Beatrice an Abnegation member  who changed her faction to Dauntless when she turned 16. As an abnegation member Beatrice faced difficulties into accepting the ways of the Dauntless, however, eventually she did. But during the tests to see which faction they belong to, Beatrice finds out that she is a Divergent and Divergent people are a threat to the society because they don’t belong to a particular faction and they have resistance to the serums, so she has been asked to hide in a faction that they won’t find her in, and she chose Dauntless, which wasn’t a wise choice. And the story carry on from here…


From my point of view, this book was great, I loved it so much. But, what I liked the most is that it had a little bit of everything, there is action, romance, adventure, a little bit of science fiction. It had it all. This book was my first experience with Dystopia novels and it was a great a book to start with for sure.

The characters are amazing, I fell in love with Tobias, I can say for sure that he is one of my favorite male characters in fiction books.  I loved Triss in the first book, not so much in the next two books, she became a little bit annoying. However, in this book she was fierce, strong, and determined. There is also Christina and she is so funny and faithful, and brave, I just love Christina.

The last part of the review is the writing style. The writing was so easy and smooth which makes it easy to go through the book fast, it is a 487 pages but you can read them so fast that it won’t take you more than a three days. I would recommend the book for the younger readers because even though I enjoyed it very much, I can tell it is for younger readers for sure.

Favorite Quotes: 

“Becoming fearless isn’t the point. That’s impossible. It’s learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it.”

“A brave man acknowledges the strength of others.”

“Fear doesn’t shut you down; it wakes you up”

“Politeness is deception in pretty packaging.”

“Who cares about pretty? I’m going for noticeable.”


Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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