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A world of Infinities

We live in a world of infinities, a world that’s full of possibilities and opportunities, and all we have to do is to take them and make the best out of them.

These opportunities might be hard to get sometimes, but it’s not impossible to get them if we tried hard. They might be as far as the stars, but you know what, Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, and at that time they believed that it’s hard to do so. But, they did it anyway, and so we can do it.

It is scary and exciting to think of all the chances that are waiting from us to make the first move because if there is one thing I know about opportunities, is that you have to chase them as hard as you can and fight for them ruthlessly.

Don’t be nice when it comes to what’s yours because there will always be people who are waiting for you to fail, so they can take your chances away from you, and it might happen and it will happen if you didn’t fight. But, always remember that there are as much opportunities in the world as much stars in the sky.

They will tell you to make the best of the first opportunity you get because you don’t get a second chance, or they might tell that second chances are rare. However, keep it in your mind that there is a second chance and a third one, and if you failed, it is ok. But, don’t be afraid of stretching your arms to grab one of the stars up there.  

We make our own luck in the world, and we decide when we need a second chance. So, just believe in the world of infinities that we live in. 


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