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Book review: Wonder by R.J. Palacio


Today I decided to review one of the books that I read last year because I love this book so much and it’s fun and entertaining and full of moral lessons.

Wonder is the first book by R.J. Palacio and it was published on January 1st, 2012, and it’s one of New York time best-seller books.

The book talks about August Pullman (Auggie), a kid who was born with a rare genetic craniofacial deformity in his face and that kept him isolated from the people and prevented him from going to school and mingle with the children of his age because he wasn’t able and that’s because of all the surgeries that he had, and that resulted in him been home schooled by his mother. Then one day his mother decided to make him go to school and Auggie disagreed because he didn’t want to attract the people’s attention to him and he didn’t want to be made fun of. But, eventually he caved in and decided to go to the school and there he faced a number of challenges that resulted in beautiful and terrible memories and incidents.

The book was great and real. I liked the story flow, it wasn’t too fast or too slow, it was great and allowed me as a reader to witness the development of Auggie and the other characters, which was beautiful. I liked that the book had alternative point of views, and it was a smart technique because it allowed us to see to understand all the characters and also see what they think of Auggie and the things that he goes through in the school, and not only the point of view of Auggie about what’s happening around him.

I also liked that the book was inspired from a real event. I read in one of the interviews that were done with the author that she encountered a similar situation to the one the that Jack Will (one of the characters). The inident is that when Jack Will and  his brother  saw Auggie for the first time before they know him, they commented on Auggie’s face loudly and Auggie was hurt by their comment, and this made him less confidence and insecure because he was young when they saw him.

Overall, the book is really great, and I would recommend people from all ages to read it because it’s fast paced, short and well written. There are alternative point of view that helps you to understand the characters, the situation and the story. The book took a very important issue and discussed and made us pay attention to it, and understand how those who have these kind of situations actually feels.

Rating: 5 /5


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