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Book Review: Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage


I read this book early in January  of this year because a very good friend of mine really enjoys his books and she suggested that I try reading one of his books, and I did. It was my first and last Murakami book I will ever read in my life.

I was highly disappointed with the book, and I don’t know if it’s only this book, or all of his books are the same, but I didn’t like it at all, and this discouraged from picking up any Murakami book ever again in the future.

The main protagonist of the story is a man called Tsukuru Tazaki, and he is telling his story through the book. So, in high school, he was in a group of five friends, three boys and two girls. They were the best of friends, and they all had something similar except for Tsukuru and this thing was is that they all had name that meant a certain color, and this kind of made our main protagonist feel kind of left out of the group. Then one day and out of sudden, they stopped talking to him, and they refused to give him a reason why did they do this, and Tsukuru eventually carried on with his life, and moved away from his hometown. But, he never forgot and he was always wondering why did they do this.

Now my problem with this book is that it build up toward this moment where you get to finally know what did Tsukuru do, and why did they leave him, to find that the reason is really really really stupid and they at that time when they left him and didn’t bother asking him why did he do that did have the choice but they chose to overlook it *trying not to spoil anything here*.

Another thing that bothered me about the book is that the whole book felt like an interview, a question and an answer, and it was annoying. As a reader I couldn’t get into the book and the world, so I didn’t have any connection with the book whatsoever.

Also, there were a lot of sexual scenes that weren’t necessary at all. They were horrible, and I just flipped through them, they weren’t a part of the story, and they didn’t add anything to the story. I just felt as if Murakami put them there for the sake of putting them there.

I hated the long description of some the scenes where description wasn’t necessary at all.

The characters were all annoying and immature. They didn’t act their age, I couldn’t feel sympathy or any kind of emotion toward them. While reading, I just wanted to finish the book already because it was bad and a waste of time.

I will never read any Murakami ever again because it is not my cup of tea. I am not saying that Murakami is a bad writer because he have a big fan base, and some people consider is work as literature, but for me I can’t say that.

Rating: 1/5


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