My Writings

Who are we without our vulnerabilities?

A lot of time we hide ourselves behind a mask because we are afraid to show people who we truly are. We fear that they might judge us, so we tend to hide that part of ourselves and show them the aspects of our personality that they want to see. Then somewhere along the line, we start to be the person that people want us to be and stop being ourselves. We are lost in an endless loop trying to “be who we are”.

However, we shouldn’t be scared of  showing our vulnerabilities to people because there is no person without vulnerabilities even if they wore the toughest mask  they have. You might be able to fool the people around you, you might be able to create a whole other persona on the Internet, but you will never be able to fool yourself.

In the time of hardships, our personalities are being tested, and in those times, not only our strengths show, but also our weaknesses. So, we shouldn’t be afraid of letting them show because our weaknesses are what makes us stronger. Strength is just a word and people define it and understand it the way they want to. Some see bullying as a strength, other see bullying as a weakness, it’s all depend on us and how we want to perceive it.

“I want to be a new person. I want to be stronger,” “Say goodbye to the old me because I have changed,” that’s what most of us say when we embark on a new journey, like getting into high school or university or get a new job. At certain point of our lives we all change, nobody stays the same. The new experiences and adventures and the new people who enter and exist our lives are all factors that are going to change us immensely. We might learn a lesson by working with a new person or a group, and these lessons are engraved in our brains. But, all these experiences make us stronger and also weaker. With every new experience we go through, with every new challenge we face, we gain new vulnerabilities. A person might not know that they are afraid of public speaking till they go through that experience, so the fear of talking to people publicly might be a new weakness. However, we should embrace these weaknesses and vulnerabilities because if we admitted them and accepted them we will be stronger, and we would understand ourselves more, and we will stop trying to be the person that people want us to be, and start being the person that we want to be.

Accepting ourselves with the good and the bad is hard, and letting people know about them is even harder. Yet, we shouldn’t run away from them and try to hide them, we should face and accept them as part of who we are.


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